Affiliate Online Marketing Guide


This page presents a suggested step-by-step plan for advertising and marketing the products and programs offered through our affiliate program. 


This is a very comprehensive marketing plan. I recommend you bookmark this page and come back each day to complete or repeat another step to advertise your business. 

If you need to generate your affiliate link, click here.


Step 1: Join the 3-D Wealth program [Click Here]:  This program offers loads of benefits including our Massive Marketing Library of courses, ebooks, and software tools and our Free Business Builder program ideal for building your business.

Step 2: Join InstantBuzz [Click Here]: After you create your Free account, Click Here and select an InstantBuzz ad.

Step 3: Add our banner to your websites. [Click Here to select your banners]:

Step 4: Add our banner to BannersGoMLM [Click Here]:

Step 5: Send a Solo Ad email to your current email list [Click Here to select an email ad]:

Step 6: Open a free email account (e.g., at and turn on the vacation message. [Click Here to select a vacation message]:

Step 7: Add our auto-responder ads to your Auto-Responder messages or sequence [Click Here to select your ads]: 

Step 8: Submit our classified ads to various online and offline ad centers [Click Here to select your ads]: For your classified ads, you will get the best results by submitting them both online and offline. The 3-D Wealth system's marketing library includes a good tool to submit your classified ads automatically for free to more than 100 sites; this tool is called, Mega Promoter.  Another excellent tool that will automatically send classified ads to over 2 million ad centers is also available by Clicking Here. Finally, you can get outstanding discount pricing on classified ads in real newspapers throughout the country by Clicking Here.

Step 9:  Join AutoHits and add your ClickBank link to your list of sites. [Click Here]:  NOTE: This is important for using your 1-Click Traffic Generator (Free when you join 3-D Wealth) {coming soon}  

Step 10:  Join WebBizInsider and add your ClickBank link as your target site [Click Here]:  NOTE: This is important for using your 1-Click Traffic Generator (Free when you join 3-D Wealth) {coming soon} 

Step 11:  Join TrafficSwarm and add one or more of our classified ads. Then set TrafficSwarm as your home page. [Click Here to Join for Free].

Step 12:  Join Yorgoo and click on each link from top to bottom in the left margin of your Yorgoo account. [Click Here]: NOTE: This is important for using your 1-Click Traffic Generator (Free when you join 3-D Wealth) {coming soon} 

Step 13:  Sign up for the Free Business Builder and complete the 3 major steps of the included marketing system.  NOTE: If you don't already have an auto-responder system, two are presented as part of the business builder.  When you copy the standard list messages to Response Magic, add our ads to the auto-responder sequence and then copy all the messages into the Traffic Oasis system. Also, go to your Traffic Oasis system and create an HTML form with your ClickBank Hoplink as the confirmation page. You can then make a copy of our webpage at, replace our sign-up form with your Traffic Oasis form, and publish the new page on your website(s).

Step 14:  Join eBizRotator, and add your hoplink sites to the "Traffic" and "Income" listings. In this free service, you can add all your businesses and sites for which you want to receive free traffic.  This is also one of the traffic systems for which it makes sense to pay the optional annual membership fee.

Step 15:  Place flyers on local bulletin boards (e.g., at your local grocery store) & tear off about a third of the tabs. You can also place flyers anywhere you wish (e.g., on cars, in local stores, etc.). [Click Here to get our flyer]

Step 16:  Advertise Free to 1,000,000+ ezine readers one time every 3 months in this ezine submission service. Submit one of our classified ads or ezine ads with your hoplink. Be sure to use a free email account besides your normal account. Initially, you will need to log into your free email account after you submit your free ad, and click the confirm link on every email you receive. Then turn on your vacation message (See step 6 above). Use 5 line x 60 Characters ad or one of your own. [Click Here

The Rest of the Recommended Steps are paid advertising sources that have proven to be effective:

Step 17:  Purchase the "Corporate" or "Platinum" package from Submit one of our banners and your hoplink. [Click Here] The "Platinum" package is a Fantastic Deal with 1 Million page views and 3 million banner impressions for only $99! The "Corporate" package is an even better deal, but more expensive.Step 16:  Purchase the "Corporate" or "Platinum" package from Submit one of our banners and your hoplink. [Click Here] The "Platinum" package is a Fantastic Deal with 1 Million page views and 3 million banner impressions for only $99! The "Corporate" package is an even better deal, but more expensive.

Step 18:  Purchase the 100K Unique Hits package, 1 Million Banner Impressions package, and/or 25,000 x 4 Guaranteed Visitors package from MyFreeShares. Submit a banner, your hoplink (or better yet, submit your copy of our website ... see Step 13 above), and/or one of our classified ads. [Click Here] This is also a Fantastic Deal!!

Step 19: Sign up with this free service to get FREE "Home Business Opportunity Survey" Leads Each Week.  Assuming it's still available, you can also upgrade your free subscription for a ridiculously low one-time price, and you'll get a BUNCH of valuable products to use and re-sell as well. Check this out; it's a GREAT deal:  Click Here Now 

Step 20:  Purchase additional quality leads (at discount prices) you can call using our phone script from OppSeekers [Click Here to visit the OppSeekers website and Click Here for our suggested phone script].  You can also purchase email leads here if you wish. OppSeekers offers some of the best prices on the Internet!

Step 21:  Purchase an annual subscription to the Lead Club to automatically submit one of our solo ads to hundreds of leads per day and visit the site daily to submit our ad to thousands of leads each day.  These are not the highest quality leads, but you can't beat the numbers. [Click Here to join the Lead Club]. [Click Here to select an ad to submit].


BONUS:  Here are a few more great ways to advertise the 3-D Wealth system and MILLIONAIRE INCOME that require a bit of work, but they are FREE and Very Effective!

Step 22:  Join the "Free PDF Ebooks" club. This one is really awesome! In a nutshell, you can get free access to more than 1,000 ebooks on nearly every topic you can imagine. All of these ebooks are re-brandable; simply add one of our ads with your hoplink and then offer the ebook(s) for free. You can distribute as many of these ebooks as you wish using any of the advertising methods listed above.  Just imagine what you could do with the 3-D WEALTH Free Marketing Library of tools!  Everyone who gets your free ebook and opens it up will immediately see your ad for the 3-D Wealth system!  [Click here for more details and to join for FREE] 

Step 23:  Join IGR and submit an article each month to get access to thousands of articles free every month. You can modify the articles and claim them as your own. Add a 3-D Wealth ad and create your own newsletter. You can even use your free Article Submitter program (see Step 23) to blast it around the Internet! [Click Here to join IGR]

Step 24:  Join the "Take the Internet Back" club for free and get a handful of powerful Free software tools including an article submitter that will blast your articles to a number of article directories. You can write your own articles, use the Free PDF Ebooks (see step 21 above), or get them free from IGR (see Step 22). This one is very effective! [Click Here to join for free]

Step 25:  Create your own website and optimize it for search engine traffic.  There are 4 things you need to do to ensure good rankings on search engines:  (1) Use a descriptive, keyword-laden page title, (2) Include a meta-tag for your site "description" including the keywords you think someone would enter in a search engine to find a site like yours, (3) include a meta-tag of "keywords", and (4) join a quality link exchange and get as many links to your site as possible. Click Here for the best link exchange: Once you join LinkMetro for free, register your website's domainname using the "Manage My Sites" link. Then use the Directory Listing to pick every site you think might carry traffic interested in your offers, and request a link exchange. This is one of the best ways to get traffic to your site.



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