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This system combines three 100% FREE Traffic Builder services to blast your site with traffic and supercharge your online business.  If you haven't already, click here now to sign up for our 100% FREE Home Business Mini-Course!  Each of these sites will increase your traffic significantly without you having to do anything after you set them up, but when combined as described below, the effects are truly magnified!  We've also included a couple of very special bonus traffic builder ideas at the end of this page;  they aren't free, but they are the best!

In a Nutshell ...

Here's what you're going to set up in a nutshell.  You are going to sign up for 3 services:  Hit Pulse, Auto Hits, and Traffic Swarm.  Auto Hits will open a window and run in the background displaying various web pages (a new one every 30 seconds).  For each site that appears, Auto Hits sends one hit to your Hit Pulse account.  For every 2 hits to your Hit Pulse account, Hit Pulse displays your website once.  Traffic Swarm is something you are going to put on one or more of your web pages.  Every time someone (including you) visits your website, Traffic Swarm will pop up an ad page when the visitor leaves.  Each time this happens, you get credit to display an ad for your website URL(s) to someone else.  Simple enough? 

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Make sure you go through this whole page, because we've added a few very powerful bonus ideas for you.

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3-WAY TRAFFIC BUILDER - Part #1:  Hit Pulse:  Unlimited Traffic, No modifications to your website, Guaranteed Traffic, and 100% FREE.

Click on the link below and sign up for the Free Hit Pulse service, and put the URL (i.e., address) of the website where you want your traffic.

3-WAY TRAFFIC BUILDER - Part #2:  Auto Hits:  Fully automatic system where you don't have to click anything to earn hits.

Click the link below, and put your Hit Pulse referral URL as your "target URL" in Auto Hits.
NOTE: Use your Hit Pulse "referral URL", not your "start URL" (see mine above for an example).     

3-WAY TRAFFIC BUILDER - Part #3:  Traffic Swarm This is a new, fully-automated traffic-generation system that can send 1000s of targeted prospects to your site, every single day, absolutely FREE!  It's Free; It's targeted;  it's viral; and it's automated!  This one requires you to add a small JavaScript to one or more pages of your website, but you can advertise more than one URL and it's easy to do (see instructions in the table below).  Now, when someone visits your website (including you), a pop-up ad will show up when they leave the website (this way it doesn't annoy them while they're viewing your website). Obviously, the more websites you put this code on, the more traffic you will get.  You will see an example of this when you leave this webpage ... thanks for extending my traffic :-)

Click on this link, and sign up for Free.

Search the Web:

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How To Install the Traffic Swarm JavaScript:

When you sign up for Traffic Swarm, you will get your own ID number.  Make sure you substitute it in place for the one in the example below (shown in red).  If you use exactly what I have below, you will be advertising for my site ... which is okay with me.  ;-) 
To install Traffic Swarm on your webpage, simply go to HTML view, copy the script below (the part shown in blue), and insert it just before the "close body" tag (i.e., <\body>, shown in maroon below) on your website.  That's all you have to do!  

<script language='JavaScript'>
var id = '
var cat = '01';
<script src=''>


Now, that you've got everything set up, here's how to put your 3-Way Traffic Builder in action!


To invoke your Auto Hits traffic builder, all you have to do is open your Auto Hits "Start" page, click on "View For Credits" and let it run. The longer you leave it running, the more traffic you'll get.  To get the most benefit, you should let it run all the time you are online;  it can run in the background.  The start page URL will look like this: 

To invoke your Hit Pulse traffic builder, do the same thing.  Except with this one, click on the "Next" link at the top of the page whenever it shows up (about every 15 to 30 seconds).  This creates "power points" which can be traded in for hits to your website when you have 100 or more power points.  To trade in for hits, click on the little picture of a padlock, and log in on the screen that pops up.  Then click on "Trade" link (to the right of the "24 hour graph" link halfway down the page), then click the "trade" link on the next window.  Your power points will expire, so you need to go in at least once per week to trade them in.  Incidentally, you can also trade in power points to enter to win 20,000 or more hits if you wish.

TIP:  Power points are grouped by week and close out on Saturday night.  So, if you don't trade in points on Friday night if you expect to accrue more points before midnight Saturday, but not at least 100 points.  Just wait until Sunday, and you will have a whole week to trade all your power points in.  For example, if you have 105 points on Saturday morning, and you trade them all in for hits.  Then you accrue another 86 points by midnight, the 86 points will lock in at midnight and not expire until next Saturday, ... but you can't trade in less than 100 power points, so you will lose your 86 points.  It's really not as complicated as it seems.

You should also log into your Auto Hits site from time to time.  If the "Account Credits" line (about halfway down the page) shows any credits, you can click on it and convert those to your Hit Pulse account too!

See below to see how to fully automate your new 3-Way Traffic Builder!


Sign up for "No More Hits" too, and you can have a 4-Way Traffic Builder.  "No More Hits" works just like Hit Pulse and you get 50 free credits just for signing up.  Click Here to sign up: 

Sign up for "TrafficG" as well to make it a 5-Way Traffic Builder.  Click here:


This oneís not free, but itís THE BEST!

The services to you with this lead generator is unbelievable!  Free Flash presentation, online surveys, 10 or 51 part auto-responder, loads of articles and audio training features, and much, much more!  If youíre into network marketing, you MUST check out this site:    

Join this program and get 3 more to sign up, and your service is FREE!

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This one also costs money, but it Guarantees you 1,000 hits per day for a fixed monthly fee!

You get 1,000 hits PER DAY!  On average, that 30,000 hits/month for only $20.  Net Cost = 6 cents per 100 hits! That's at least 400,000 hits per year with a Money-Back Guarantee.  This is a unique offering that targets people that have websites.  So, if your product or service would be of interest to someone with a website (i.e., anyone with an online business), then you can profit from this massive traffic generator!  Click Here NOW for details!


If you want to fully automate your 3-way traffic builder, make an independent page on your website and make it your home page.  You can use this web page to store key links you use frequently such as marketing links, personal account accesses, etc.  It's much easier than using the Bookmarks or Favorites menu on your internet Browser.

Anyway, in the HTML view of your new homepage, insert the following JavaScripts:

SCRIPT #1:  To automatically open your AutoHits, Hit Pulse, & NoMoreHits pages, insert the following HTML code (shown in blue) just after the "close header" tag (i.e., </head>, shown in maroon).   This will be very close to the top of your HTML code.  Don't forget to put your own Auto Hits and Hit Pulse URLs in place of mine ... unless you'd prefer to advertise for me  ;-)   


<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">

<!-- Begin
function popUp() {
// Opens 2 windows"", "poppage2", "height=600,width=500,left=20,top=20,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,menubar=no");"", "poppage", "height=600,width=500,left=30,top=30,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,menubar=yes");"", "poppage3", "height=300,width=300,left=1,top=200,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,menubar=yes");, "poppage4", "height=300,width=300,left=1,top=200,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,menubar=yes");

// End -->

Then insert the code shown in red (without modification) inside the body tag for your website.  This will invoke the script listed above when you open your new home page:

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" onLoad="javascript:popUp()">

SCRIPT #2:  Now, insert your Traffic Swarm script on your new home page as well.  The code is the same as above, but is repeated here for your convenience.  Remember this insert goes just before the close body tag (near the bottom of your HTML code).

<script language='JavaScript'>
var id = '
var cat = '01';
<script src=''>




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Don't forget, you can also refer others to sign up at all of the traffic-builder services presented above.  If you do, you get even more credits for traffic hits to your site.  So, go for it!  With the WTPowers site, you not only get your own service for free if you sign up three, but you can actually start getting commission checks for signing up more than three!  You get traffic to your website, build your business, and GET PAID to ADVERTISE!  You gotta like that!



So far, this page has revealed some very powerful traffic generators that are all free and passive in nature.  If you really want to build traffic and profits, you need to also take a more active role.

We are currently assembling an awesome active system that will let you do things like post classified ads to over 6,500 FREE Classified Ad websites in a few minutes.  Simply insert your ad, click "go", and wait a few minutes.  This tool is worth thousands of dollars in time savings alone, but of course it doesn't cost anywhere near that much.  Think about it ... How long does it take you to enter one classified ad at one site?  Let's ignore the time to find free ad sites and load them into your browser.  If you could cut and paste an ad you have already written, it would still take you at least one minute to enter all your information and the ad.  At that rate, you could enter the same ad at 60 locations in one hour.  If you were really crazy and tried to enter the same ad at 6,500 classified ad sites, that would be 6,500 minutes (ignoring website access time) which is only 108 hours!  That's 4.5 days assuming you don't sleep ... and I GUARANTEE you will be asleep after the first hour ... it's REALLY boring to enter these ads by hand. So, what do you do if you have 10 classified ads to enter that week ... gee, that's only 45 days without sleep!

Now, here's an ALTERNATIVE REALITY for you ... spend 60 minutes writing the best 5 class ads you can, then enter the first one in this classified ad blaster, hit the button, go get an ice-cold soda, and come back to see if it's done yet.  Nope.  Okay, go get a cookie.  Ah ... now it's FINALLY done!  Enter ad #2, hit the button, pull out the TV guide and see what's coming on the movie channel tonight.  Oh bother, that's ad's done, now you have to enter ad #3.  Man, this is getting tough ... you index finger's probably worn out by now.  Okay, you get the picture ... after 2 hours (including an hour to write the ads) ... you have placed 65,000 CLASSIFIED ADS!  Now that's exposure!  At this rate, you could do this every week ... and you Will!  Ah, but we're not done yet ... life's not quite that simple.

Our system is also going to include mass publication to free ezines and opt-in mailing lists too.  Plus, we working on FREE advertising in REAL newspapers too ... you remember ... the one's actually made out of paper!   So, by the time we're done with all these tools, you may actually have to work a whole 8-hour day or two to notify practically every person in the country about your product or service. Well, nobody ever said running a business was easy ... well, except for the 3 FREE ones you get with our MONEY SECRETS package, but that's a different story altogether.

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