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Dr. Bryan Stoker, Founder Lifestyle PublishingLifestyle Publishing was founded in 1993 by Dr. Bryan Stoker to offer unique information for personal financial management and investing. We are now expanding into online business tools and resources, and many of our works are now available for free as presented below. 

Dr. Bryan Stoker is a full-time, licensed Principal Engineer for the federal government and the Founder & President of Lifestyle Publishing. Dr. Stoker has been an avid student and practitioner of personal financial management and investing for over thirty years. After taking his first job when he was 14 years old, he began selecting and purchasing stocks for his personal portfolio at the age of 15 and used the proceeds to purchase his first real estate investment four months after graduating from college in 1984. While Dr. Stoker made over $25,000 on the sale of this investment four and a half years later, he also managed to live there for free; after taxes, he was effectively paid to live in his own home. Many of the techniques and insights gained during these first few years inspired the step-by-step plans presented in Dr. Stoker's first book, FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Dr. Stoker founded Lifestyle Publishing (http://www.LifestylePublishing.com and http://www.Autopilot101.com) in 1993 upon completion of this book.

A year or so after purchasing his home, he also began investing in mutual funds. Shortly after completing his Master's degree in Electrical Engineering in 1987, he became the president and partial owner of a martial arts academy part-time while still working full-time as a licensed Professional Engineer for the Government. While working full-time for the Government, Mr. Stoker also obtained a Masters and Doctoral degree in business administration with emphasis on investment and personal financial management. The basis of the information presented in his book, GROWTH & INCOME, is the result of the intense study and investigation performed to complete Mr. Stoker's dissertation for the doctoral degree. 

Many of Dr. Stoker's books and courses, as well as an ever-growing list of software and audio courses, are available for free at www.Autopilot101.com/free/index.htm.  Use the form above to join our free "Preferred Customer" newsletter, and we will automatically notify you of new products available in our directory of free ebooks, courses, and software, and we will send you a free gift worth $2,965.05.

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